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There’s Gold in Those Hills

Placer County is part of the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area. It is known as Gold Country. The entire county spans about 65 miles from the suburbs of Sacramento at the border of Roseville to the Nevada border and the shore of North Lake Tahoe. From Roseville, Lincoln, and Rocklin to the foothills of Auburn, historic Gold County are well known for having…

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Why aren’t there any apartment vacancies?

By Kriston Capps There’s a silver lining to astronomic U.S. rent hikes: Most tenants won’t pay them, because they’re already locked into their leases. Apartment occupancy in the U.S. has hit an all-time high, meaning anyone looking for a new place is going to have a rough time with it. Fully 97.5% of professionally managed…

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Retirement income

Rental property can help generate retirement income Rental real estate can be an intelligent investment strategy, especially if you plan for retirement. It can generate passive income and be a solid long-term investment. With rental property in such high demand, values will likely increase over time, particularly in today’s market. Rental property can be a wise…

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Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the overall appearance of a house or other property from the sidewalk or street. Having curb appeal combined with other industry metrics helps property managers evaluate a property when setting rent to a prospective tenant. Curb appeal can be accomplished by different methods, including installing exterior decorations, painting, and attention to the…

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